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Golden West College Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
Golden West College provides an intellectually and culturally stimulating learning environment for its diverse student population. The College provides enriching and innovative programs that help students: transfer to four-year institutions, earn associate degrees, complete certificates in career and technical education, advance their careers, and demonstrate college readiness. The College is committed to continuous assessment and improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness.
GWC welcomes you. Be inspired. Be empowered. Be transformed.
Our values are the ideals that guide us in our commitment to student learning and to the vitality of our community.

• Welcoming Campus Environment
• Access, Equity, and Inclusiveness
• Excellence in Teaching and Learning
• Innovation and Technology
• Leadership Guided by Collaboration
• Stewardship and Sustainability
Student Success

Golden West College seeks to increase completion of educational and career goals by providing excellence in teaching and support services.

Equitable Achievement

Golden West College seeks to close any identifiable student achievement gap while promoting and recognizing the diversity and contribution of all individuals.

Learning Environments

Golden West College seeks to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment to benefit students, faculty, staff, and the community.


Golden West College seeks to improve communication to inform and engage the college community.

Golden West College seeks to increase active participation from students, faculty, staff, and community in college governance and leadership
Resource Optimization

Golden West College optimizes financial resources, facilities and technology to enhance student learning and success.

Key Performance Indicators

GWC Key Performance Indicators

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