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TracDat is an assessment management system, designed to align course level student learning outcomes with program and institutional student learning outcomes. TracDat promotes transparency in sharing and creating student learning outcomes data. These are all pertinent information which are critical for program review, planning and accreditation.

Login to TracDat

use your GWC computer login username and password to log into TracDat.

Access to TracDat

Access to TracDat is limited and determined on  a case by case bases.  If you are unable to access TracDat, please email Uyen Tran,, and list the name of the courses you teach.  Generally, your email will be answered within two business days and you will be notified if you have access to TracDat or further action must be taken prior to assigning access.

TracDat Guide

Below are different guides to help you enter assessment data into TracDat.

Guides to enter cSLOs into TracDat

One-Page Quick Guide: TracDat – cSLO Guide
Extensive Guide with Screenshots: TracDat – cSLO Guide with screenshots
One-Page Guide following 5CM format: TracDat cSLO Guide (5CM)

Guide for enter SAOs into TracDat

One-Page Quick Guide: TracDat – SAO Guide


For any questions about TracDat, please contact Uyen Tran at or ext. 55274