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Golden West College Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
Golden West College provides an intellectually and culturally stimulating learning environment for its diverse student population. The College provides enriching and innovative educational programs that help students meet their individual goals: transfer to four-year institutions, earn associate degrees, complete certificates in career and technical education, advance their careers, and demonstrate college readiness. The College is committed to academic excellence, community engagement, and student success through continuous assessment and improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness.
Golden West College is committed to excellence and endeavors to provide an optimum teaching and learning environment. This will be demonstrated by innovation which embraces demographic and technological changes.
Our values are the ideals that guide us in our commitment to student learning and to the vitality of our community. The following ten ideals (in alpha order) represent the foundation for our mission. They guide us in our daily decisions, as well as inspire and motivate us to accomplish our goals.

Access and Equity: We value and strive to ensure both open access to our college and equitable outcomes for our student population.

Campus Environment: We value and support “Spirit of Place” through which the people, buildings, and grounds all serve to convey to our students that they are welcome and that our college is a special place of learning.

Collaborative Climate: We support active participation based on trust, openness, consistency, and respect in the college’s decision-making process. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to work together to solve problems by listening to one another, by speaking honestly, and by demonstrating ethical behavior and responsibility for the good of the college, our students, and community.

Excellence and Innovation: We work to provide a quality educational environment for students by embracing a culture of assessment and continual improvement. We are inspired by our founding president’s dictum to “Let Change Be the Tradition,” to encourage innovation, creative problem solving, and to welcome changes that will enhance the College’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Inclusiveness and Diversity: We value diversity and recognize the contributions of all individuals. We support the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas in an environment that embraces mutual respect and civility.

Leadership: We encourage active leadership for students, faculty, and staff at all levels of the institution and throughout our community.

Learning: We are committed to high academic standards and support the personal growth of all our students. Our dedication to student learning culminates in high level of student achievement.

Stewardship and Sustainability: We are responsible for utilizing and developing our human, environmental, and fiscal resources efficiently and effectively and in a manner consistent with the principles of health and sustainability.

Teaching: We value the primary role that faculty play in providing students with a dynamic and challenging environment that maximizes learning. We appreciate the integral roles that classified staff and managers perform in support of students and their learning.

Technology: We value the role that technology is playing in transforming the educational environment, creating new ways of addressing students’ learning needs, and enhancing the administrative aspects of serving students and faculty.
Student Success

Golden West College seeks to increase completion of educational and career goals by providing excellence in teaching and support services.

Equitable Achievement

Golden West College seeks to close any identifiable student achievement gap while promoting and recognizing the diversity and contribution of all individuals.

Learning Environments

Golden West College seeks to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment to benefit students, faculty, staff, and the community.


Golden West College seeks to improve communication to inform and engage the college community.

Golden West College seeks to increase active participation from students, faculty, staff, and community in college governance and leadership
Resource Optimization

Golden West College optimizes financial resources, facilities and technology to enhance student learning and success.

Key Performance Indicators

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