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Program review is the primary mechanism by which Golden West College identifies the objectives and resources needed to fulfill our educational mission. All programs (instructional and non-instructional) are expected to complete a review on the same three-year cycle. Programs that do not complete their report ARE NOT eligible to receive additional funding for one-time requests, classified positions, faculty positions, or facilities requests.

The program review report follows a basic SWOT analysis format (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). However, it also contains sections for departments to report:

• budget expenditures and revenues,
• curriculum and course student learning outcomes activities,
• program student learning outcomes,
• progress on prior cycle objectives,
• new objectives for the next cycle, and
• requests for resources.

2019 Program Review Information

2018-19 GWC Program Review Data
2019 Program Review Timeline

Program Review Resource Request Protocol

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Funded Items (2016-17)

2015-16 GWC Campus Data

This report includes data for the entire college, from 2009-10 to 2014-15, which departments can use to compare with their specific disciplines.  Data in the report includes unduplicated headcount of student demographics (ethnicity, gender, age group, economic status, disability status, veteran status, and foster youth status), enrollment, fill rate, retention, success, full-time and part-time faculty distribution, and certificates and degrees awarded.

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